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the rape of a 19-year-old college student at the takoma park campus of montgomery college. >> apologized, and then attacked her again. first, we want to warn you, this story is graphic. dave joins us live with those details. dave. >> those new details are coming from court documents that were released today about the attack that occurred in the second floor women's room at the performing arts center. arrested, 34-year-old nathaniel, since he was a student in the past, not currently at montgomery college. that attack lasted as long as an hour. again, these are graphic details, very graphic in nature as you watch this. >> nebraska than yamnathaniel heart under arrest. police say he tried to escape. hart's arrest came six hours
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after a 19-year-old student was raped inside a second floor bathroom at montgomery college performing arts center. made students quite nervous. >> the 34-year-old hart was found in a vacant room at the days inn around the corner from where the attack occurred. court documents provide new details about the rape. a police detective writes in the statement of proximate cause, while the victim was in a stall with the door locked. the suspect entered the restroom, crawled under the stall, looked up at the victim, then crawled into the stall with the victim. the suspect told the victim to be quiet, i'll hurt you. i have a gun, and i will use it. but after the young woman was raped, hart didn't rush off. according to the detective, the suspect then stayed with the victim, talked to her, hugged her, and apologized. the suspect was crying and talking about his ex-wife and how he was going to hell. despite that apology, police say the violence from nathaniel
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heart was not over. the suspect became angry and pulled the victim's pants down, a second separate time. and he once again raped her. the woman told police that during the attack, she felt what she thought was a gun in hart's waistband. >> according to the court documents, it appears that hart was found in another woman's room back on january 15, approached by security guards who did get a look at his student id. that old student id. that's what helped police track him down last night. they were able to go back. that security camera video, get the id. they had a name. they had a picture. they were able to compare it and able to make that arrest within five or six hours, back to you. >> dave live in silver spring, thank you. police confirm today the skeletal remains found in virginia are those of missing virginia tech student, morgan harrington. the discovery was made ten
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miles from where she was last seen at a metalica concert. her father says the location suggests a local link to her death. >> this is not what we had hoped would be the end for morgan. at least now we have some peace and we have able to have some closure today. >> the cause and time of harrington's death has not been determined. police say they are shifting their investigation from a missing person case to a homicide. and we have breaking news for you right now. within the past hour, we learned the nba has suspended gilbert arenas for the rest of this season. >> it is the latest chapter in the washington wizards gun incident. brett. >> depending how cynical you are, it was a first step towards contrition or a calculation to have favor with
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the commissioner and rebuilding his image with fans. arenas met with stern today and asked to be suspended for the remainder of the season. a request that stern abliged, along with the suspension of christensen. both of the teammates will sit out for the rest of the year. reading in part, quote, the issue here is not about the legal ownership and possession of guns, it is about possession of guns in the nba workplace, which will not be tolerated. i've met separately with mr. arenas, both expressed remorse for their actions and understanding of the seriousness of their transgressions. meanwhile, this mug shot of gilbert arenas was taken yesterday at the dc booking facility and obtained by arenas was booked on that felony gun charge, for which he pled guilty. he will be sentenced on march 26. the question now becomes what future does gilbert have with
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the wizards? will the team try to avoid that contract and can they possibly trade him? he is expected to speak at 6:00 tonight at verison center. we will bring that to you live. lesli. >> thanks for that. toyota engineers are scrambling to find a fix for faulty gas pedals, and tonight, toyota owners are left to see if they are safe, and production of eight top models. the cars involved in select camly models, the matrix, avalon, and tundra. models still on sale include the prius, solara. select camry models, four runner, and land cruiser as well as toyota's lexus and scion. scott broome joins us live from silver spring, where they are figuring out what cars they can
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and can't sell. that's quite a test. >> it's a huge headache. after what they've been through last year with a crash to the economy and cash for clunkers and all that, this is cherry hill road at toyota location today, where they are combing through the inventory, trying to figure out what they could sell. it turns out that this recall is more complex than it looks on the face of it. >> they've got acres of camry's here. >> best selling car in america and we can't sell it. >> it's definitely not business as usual. the economy itself has been a challenge. the timing isn't great. >> there are still customers waiting to make deals, recall or not. >> the recall is not scaring us and you know, we are still here to purchase a prius or a camry. >> and the crew is sorting through handfuls of keys to keep business rolling. they are pulling the models they can sell, prius's from storage to the front of the store and moving the recalled
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cars back. >> at midday, he briefs the sales staff. new information, cars built in japan rather than in north america have a different gas pedal and these are good to go. >> this is a toyota here, that is not affected by the recall. >> he found 15 camrys out of the 700 cars in his inventory, he can still offer to customers. one of the good cars from japan happens to be in his showroom. there's no telling how much business will be lost. >> there's really no way to say how many deals are on hold. can't sell them, you know. >> all right, so he has 15 camrys here he can sell out of a huge inventory. they are trying to keep the business rolling, hoping this sorts itself out in the next day or so. all of this over sticky gas pedals, and the dealership is sealing itself for a flood of customers. toyota has not announced how it
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is going to deal with that. so the toyota dealerships just getting slammed right now and doing their best to keep things business as usual, but it's hardly anything like that. reporting live from the dealership on cherry hill road, scott broome, 9news now and >> lots of work out there, scott, thank you. president obama is preparing for his first state of the union address tonight. it will all center around job creation and ways to sure up the slumping economy. but the president will also have to convince a skeptical public that his administration is in touch. drew elevenson is live on capitol hill with a preview of what is likely to be heard there tonight. drew. >> well, good evening to you, derek. it has been a rough first year for president obama. he is fighting two wars. he didn't get healthcare reform passed. he is going to talk about that. he's going to look back at his first year and look toward the future. >> president obama will try and convince skeptical voters
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to put their faith back into his agenda. >> it's a good one. >> the president wants to reconnect with middle class voters, like robert boyd, farmer from colorado. >> i want to hear how he's going to deal with the deficit. >> boyd will get his wish. about 2/3 of the president's speech will focus on jobs. the economy, and reducing the deficit. he is expected to lay out new plans to jump start the job market. like offering tax incentives to businesses that expand or buy new equipment. president obama will also talk more about slashing the deficit and cutting spending on some domestic programs. also, freezing the salaries of more than a thousand government executives. >> but that may not be enough to convince some of the voters who tune in tonight. >> i feel we have been slandering for the last year. he doesn't know what he wants to do. >> the president will fight back against that image. by mapping out a new path to get healthcare reform legislation passed. it's still high on his list of priorities.
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even though now he has to work with a divided congress to make it a reality. democrats and the president know they'll need to show voters they've gotten more done. if they want to keep their party in power when midterm elections roll around this november. >> and several guests have been invited to sit with mrs. obama during the state of the union and that includes the haitian ambassador. derek. >> thank you for that. let's take a look at this new gallop pole that shows mr. obama the most poll polorizing. and we want to remind you, some streets around capitol hill will be closed beginning at 6:00 p.m. for the state of the union. all of the streets around the capital will shut down after 7:00 and reopen after the president's address. only authorized people are allowed to enter that area immediately around the capitol. we will bring you the president's speech live tonight along with the republican response from virginia
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governor, bob mcdonnel. in haiti, the struggle continues to get relief supplies to hundreds and thousands of earthquake victims. the u.s. government spent more than $300 million on the aid effort so far. 800 aid flights are waiting for permission to land as of yesterday. and a spokesman for the u.n. peace keeping mission says forces have boosted security at food distribution centers to prevent looting. the fairfax search and rescue team is scheduled to leave haiti today after two weeks of performing search and rescue missions. a medical teem from john's hopkins left for haiti today. >> nearly half the people injured in the haiti earthquake are children and that is more than 110,000 young people in need of medical help and they need it right now. they need special medicine and equipment. >> drug dosages will be different. size of iv needles or syringes
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and the needles that are used to give fluids and medications, all have to be smaller. equipment needs to be smaller and fit for a pediatric population. >> it is estimated 7,000 women will deliver babies in the next month in haiti and the country will be hard pressed to meet their needs. for more information about how you can help with the relief effort in haiti, log on to and click on the earthquake relief link. it's right on the top of our home page. the national transportation safety board says the investigation into yesterday's deadly accident on metro's red line is still in the very early stages. investigators are reviewing the recent work history of the employees involved and their training. they will also be radio recordings, and the mechanical condition of the truck that struck and killed those men. they were struck and killed tuesday morning by a truck driven by a second crew of workers. that accident comes as metro is preparing to debate a
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temporary 10-cent surcharge on all fares trying to close a $40 million budget gap. at a public hearing on the proposal, i should say that public hearing will begin 5:30 metro headquarters in northwest washington. but it ends in rumors for months, now a family friend is confirms, john and elizabeth edwards have separated. will consumers rush out to buy it? i'm alexis with that story.
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we just got late word tonight that elizabeth edwards has separated from her husband.
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two-time presidential candidate, john edwards. a friend speaking on her behalf says mrs. edwards is moving on with her life and wants to leave her marital problems behind her. john edwards publicly acknowledged fathering a child with a woman working on his presidential campaign. the government had to bail out insurance giant aig to prevent an economic meltdown. he is facing tough criticism from the house oversight committee for decisions that might have cost billions of dollars more than they had to. geithner says the american public aught to be outraged by what happened with aig. >> united states of america should never have let institutions like aig take on a level of risk that could threaten the financial system. >> the government gave aig more than $180 billion so it could remain financially solvent. and speaking of wall street, stocks close up higher today. the dow is up 41 points to end
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the day at 10,236. the nasdaq climbed 17 points. the s & p 500 was up just over 5. >> apple ceo, steve jobs unveiled the ipad today. the device that is described as an iphone on steroids comes with the price tag that is far below what some analysts were expecting. alexis has more. >> apple promised its tech loving fans, this one will be a game changer. ceo, steve jobs unveiled the long awaited tablet. it's called the ipad. starting at about $500 and due to arrive in late march. >> that's what it looks like. >> design is close to an iphone, but bigger. about 10 inches with a life size keyboard. it offers more advance platforms for apps, videos, and games, and it's an electronic book reader. >> it's so much more intimate than a laptop and it's so much more capable than a smart
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phone. >> not all tech lovers are convinced. >> i don't see how that is any different than what is already out there. >> among consumers most interested in reading books electronically, apple will have some tough and cheaper competition. this is the nook and it's off to a strong start. it was sold out around the holidays and orders are backed up until mid february. barnes and noble won't release the sales numbers, but they far exceeded expectations and amazon says their reader is their best priced. apple made its own deal with a slew of publisher. tech companies have come up with various tablets since the 1990s, so jobs new version isn't the first. he is just hoping it will be the first to succeed. alexis, cbs news, new york. >> now steve jobs says the
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ipad has a battery that lasts for ten hours and it can sit for a month on stand by without needing a charge. work is underway to replenish the erosion. work on the new project began tuesday and the ocean city engineer says the efforts to replace it could take 60 days. >> we want to know about now is the storm that is coming this way this weekend. >> we don't care about sand. >> let's talk about the sand. they are concerned with these storms coming, will it be a problem? good news, the storm coming this weekend will not be a problem for the beaches. the sand won't last much longer, but this weekend you'll be safe. you'll be replenishing again in the next three to six months. there are flood warnings in effect for montgomery county of fairfax, loudoun, and frederick, and there's high water in georgetown. a lot of debris in the potomac, and caution, there's an advisory, stay off the potomac. i think you should stay off the
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rest of the week with the debris. if you are in a kayak or a canoe. there's a lot going on. we have the arctic front tomorrow and a rain or snow shower with that. very windy in the afternoon. may see a wind advisory west of town. 49, very cold friday, but there's no snow in the forecast during the day on friday. we'll push the chance for light snow into saturday. temperatures only in the upper 20s. we won't get above freezing friday, saturday, or sunday. tonight, mostly cloudy, cold. 28 to 34 and winds south, southwest at 10. stays dry tonight. tonight's lows, maybe a degree warmer than last night. 28 in great falls. 30 in bethesda. 28 in bowie, and 28 also in upper marlboro. again, below freezing right around freezing downtown. right now, temperatures 43 in frederick. 43 downtown. 43 in annapolis. and we are looking at generally
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mid 40s, which is above average. you go out toward cumberland, temperatures are in the mid 30s. breezy out there. it feels like it's in the 30s pretty much across the board. wait until the winds pick up tomorrow. closer to home, alexander, 42. now tomorrow morning, we could see a flurry or snow shower. 30s and 40s. winds south, southwest. by afternoon, mostly cloudy, windy and mild. could see a shower or flurry. i know that is counter intuitive. the moisture is cold. and winds will really increase west, northwest at 15 to 30 and gusty. satellite picture, radar combined, here comes the snow and the rain showers, that is what i'm concerned about tomorrow morning and it could impact the rush hour. then we will turn our attention to this system. still out of the southwest and watch this move, essentially, along i-40 and we'll track it. that's the system that would
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bring us a chance for light snow over the weekend. in the meantime, some clouds will hang tough, but stay dry through the nighttime hours. zone forecast, all six zones on our forecast. sprinkle or flurry tomorrow. 49 in oakton. and downtown will be near 50. 49 for annapolis. no advisories on the bay or title patomac until the afternoon. next seven days, 49 tomorrow. 30 on friday. chance of light snow on saturday. upper 20s. upper 20s again on sunday. check out sunday's low. 12. mid 30s on monday. tuesday some light snow possible back in the mid 30s and next wednesday, we are near 40 under partly cloudy skies. >> right now, saturday is looking light snow? >> i would say a glancing blow. i would see some flakes and accumulation. unless the storm shifts north, it's not going to be a big deal. >> we like that. >> okay, fine. coming up, rescuers come to the aid of a dog stranded where you would never expect, on an
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iceberg. plus, an apartment building crumbles to the ground and it's all caught on tape. we'll be back.
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i'm peggy fox. several hundred moms have been sounding off about pat robertson's comment on why the earthquake happened to haiti. find out what they are saying and add your two cents on >> survivors gathered in the gold and snow to mark the 65th anniversary of its liberation. they marched among the barracks to honor the millions killed during world war ii. isreali prime minister later joined polish leaders at a neighboring camp for ceremonies marking international holocaust remembrance day. >> crews continue to search for two people they believe are trapped after this five story
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building collapsed in belgium. this morning's gas explosion touched off a fire that caused the building to crumble. 20 other people were hurt. it was man's turn to be the best friend to a dog. a stranded canine was spotted on a floating iceberg out in the baltic ocean. scrambled into a raft and went to the rescue. they say you can tell the animal was very weak and nearly frozen. that dog was wrapped in a blanket and nursed back to health and now they are looking for the owner. >> which county is better? fairfax, montgomery? a new report finds the possible answer. >> plus, for sunday night's grammies.
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welcome back. let's reset some of the top stories in the news right now. toyota is taking hate, following the decision to top sales from top selling models because of sticky gas pedals. it pressured the japanese car maker into taking quick action. 34-year-old nathaniel hart is under arrest for a sexual assault. after attacking a 19-year-old woman yesterday, hart apologized and assaulted her
5:30 pm
again. about 2/3 of president obama's state of the union address tonight is expected to focus on the economy. the white house says the president will also renew his commitment to healthcare reform, but he won't reveal any new initiatives there. >> parents and students are speaking out at a fairfax county school meeting about possible funding cuts that will slash programs and raise class sizes. peggy fox is live with a preview of tonight's meeting. >> elementary school bands have been part of the school system for decades. but the music may die, along with full day kindergarten, and language emerging programs. if fairfax county doesn't get the money it is counting on. >> we are a school district, which would be math, science, social studies, and language arts. we need to keep this thing real and understand that language is that fifth prong. >> class sizes, which have already stretched to 34 students in some schools will also grow. >> we are harming our children
5:31 pm
if we do not get the funding back into the school system. >> nancy has helped start a pta letter writing campaign to the governor. they want to implement the local composite index and not freeze it under last year's levels, as proposed by former governor kaine. without the freeze, fairfax would get $61 million more for schools, which would help fill a $176 million short fall. >> i have heard from several leaders, and we have tough decisions to make to balance the budget with $2 billion in additional cuts. i haven't made any decisions on that. i'm certainly aware of the problems it's causing. >> while mcdonnel hasn't made a decision, many business leaders here at the northern virginia technology council, where the governor spoke today has strong opinions. >> we have to be concerned about anything that is going to be impacted, the quality of education in this region. this would have a negative
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impact. >> well, that was peggy fox reporting. you could call this a case of regional sibling rivalry. residents of montgomery and fairfax counties are always comparing their economies, their schools, their lifestyles and more. now a 63 page report from montgomery finds that fairfax might be better. the populations are just about the same. fairfax, just over 1 million. montgomery just under. the report finds that the virginia county has 200,000 more local jobs. fairfax residents tend to have higher incomes. montgomery is bigger and has more parks and open space, but the big one for all of us in the morning, fairfax commuters have an average 2 minute quicker ride to work. want to read the whole thing? go to our links section at students from two area high schools are finalists in a science competition. ye of silver spring is among 40 students competing in a
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nationwide science talent search. the corporation recognized the senior on stem cell research. finalists will gather in dc in march to compete for $630,000 in awards. the grammy awards air this sunday right here on channel 9. and washingtonens have a whole lot to sing about. three local artists are nominated for best children's album. we caught up with the trio before they left for la. >> banjo meat beat box. this human drum machine keeps the beat for this trio, who are up for a grammy for best children's album. >> arrange the sounds. like that. >> 23-year-old chris bacon discovered the idea of the human beat box from an old record album and he's been beat boxing ever since. >> coming from where i come from, i'm talking about section 8 housing projects, where you hear the guns go off.
5:34 pm
i would take my grammy award and go to my elementary school and take pictures of all of my teachers. >> at a local event, bacon met up with long time musicians, who made kids music. >> this chance meeting we had with chris bacon brought a sound that i immediately identified with. >> and the three made banjo to beat box, a collection of kid songs, including this one. they decided to make a music video for it, complete with puppets. >> what we do is art for art's sake. washington, i consider to be more of a blue collar musician's town. roll up your sleeves and get the work done and have a great time with the audience. >> this is mark's 13th grammy nomination. they won two of them and performing live shows. they are also up for best folk album this year. >> and best of wishes to them.
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by the way, mary j. blige will perform the bridge over troubled water during a fund raising segment for haiti relief at sunday's grammies. the duet will be available for down load on i tunes with all proceeds going to the american red cross to benefit the earthquake relief. the grammies air live right here on wusa9. time to get another check on the evening rush. how is it looking? >> we have a bad accident to tell you about. as you can see, this icon is still there. southbound new hampshire avenue, two left lanes blocked because of this crash and northbound lanes also blocked due to emergency crew, vehicles on scene. do watch out for delays going through that area. not too bad, but you can take randolph road to get around that. as we check outside and see how things are looking. delays backed up to the beltway, all the way to route 23, the scene of an earlier accident, which is now clear. delays as you can see, still there. we want to tell you about
5:36 pm
delays on metro. redline, some minor delays due to a problem. redline is delayed there, and mark is theyed about 25 minutes due to mechanical problems. guys, back to you. >> the cbs evening news is less than an hour away and katie couric is in washington for tonight's state of the union. she joins us now live with a preview. hi, katie. >> hey lesli. coming up, president obama, as you know, is expected to restart his political agenda during his first state of the union address. will he be successful? we'll have a preview from white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel. and later, we'll have complete analysis following the speech and on my web cast. plus, students at a school in alabama trying to make a difference, not only here in the u.s., but also in haiti. we'll show you how they are helping those in need. those stories and much more tonight only on the cbs evening news. lesli, back to you. >> thanks.
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well, the collidesdales, advocacy ads are in right now. the latest on the super bowl advertisements, including a pro life spot, featuring tim tebow. wayne and mary met in kindergarten. they've been together ever since. for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. vows that were tested and kept. thanks, hon. even when cancer hit and cost wayne his job. and scleroderma hit and cost him his hands. and then the wall street crash hit and cost them their life savings. still, they struggle on just to get by, to keep food on the table and to heat their home. mary: the wood stove helps us save on oil, but it's getting harder and harder. at citizens energy, we know the hurt you must feel. we know it's hard for proud people to ask for help. i just want to let you know how happy we are that we can
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lend a helping hand. wayne: we never thought we would be cold in our own home. mary: thanks to citgo and the people of venezuela. hi, i'm joe kennedy from citizens energy, your nonprofit oil company. if you need help staying warm this winter, give me a call at 1-877-joe-4-oil, because no one should be left out in the cold.
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i'm howard bernstein with your living green tip of the day. you feel like you need to do a spring cleaning? don't follow that up with moving your possessions to the landfill. take everything in good condition to a thrift store. take your clothes and household items and sell them back, to put money into the community. you want to give extra spending cash? instead of going to the thrift store, have a yard sale. there is always somebody that would love your stuff. it's a lot better than throwing
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it away. you can get more tips at just click on living green. >> cbs is coming under some fire for allowing a super bowl ad that critics say carries an antiabortion message. the spot features former university of florida mother tim tebow. that commercial was paid for by focus on the family. >> some people won't agree with it, you know, but i think they can at least respect that i stand up for what i believe and i'm never, you know, shy about that. i don't feel like i'm very preachy about it. >> cbs says it has commercial time available for the super bowl, so it would be welcome to anybody else who has a million dollars to put up for its own ad. >> speaking of ads, budweiser will remain in the barn over the super bowl. the beer maker says its
5:41 pm
advertisements during the big game will be more humorous this year. one spot will feature people stranded on an island and happily drinking, what else? bud light. the super bowl airs february 7 right here on channel 9. the pregame coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. >> oh no, no horses. a consumer alert no parent would or should miss. >> we're going to show you how to pick a safe crib for what to look for, to what you should and should not do with that all important item in the nursery. >> pretty cold, although close to average. we hit 45. we'll take you out with current temperatures and you can access this map on our website. 43 downtown. 40 in winchester. we'll come back and talk about an arctic front tomorrow and the potential for snow over the weekend. to help my patients avoid dental problems
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i recommend act fluoride mouthwash. act works with calcium to rebuild enamel. to avoid dental problems act daily.
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a crib is supposed to be the safest place for your baby to sleep. the cpsc recalled more than 7 million drop side cribs because they pose a hazard and children have died. parents are frustrated, they don't know what to do. but brenda berg is here with information to empower families to make smarter choices. we should tell people that the jpma is the juvenile product association products. a lot of these cribs have been recalled. we talked about it. what do you say to consumers who have concern that some of your members are putting unsafe products on the market? >> well, what people don't understand is these products meet safety standards. in the case of cribs, there are two levels of standards. the federal regulations, and there's the aftm standard, which is a voluntary standard. most, if not all are reaching at least one, if not both of those standards.
5:46 pm
the question is, whether or not they actually need to make the standards even higher. >> some parents are concerned because of these recalls, they don't want to put their children into a crib. that's not a good decision. >> no, it's not. as a mom, that's my number one fear. do not take your child out of the crib and put them in your bed. children sleeping in their parents bed are 40 times more likely to die than if they are on their back in a safe crib environment. >> let's get you what you need to know. what to look for? >> so, when you have the crib in your home, look for broken, missing, or damaged pieces. you want to look around the crib and make sure. that's how entrapments happen. you also want to check the hardware and make sure everything is tight f. it's tight, you aren't going to have gaps, which create the h hazard. >> take a soda can or something and check. >> something as simple as that. if it can't fit through, it's
5:47 pm
likely just fine. it's a 23/8 standard. >> getting a snug mattress fit. you don't want more than two fingers. >> that would be the other thing to look for. >> something not to do. you don't want to place a broken crib up against a wall. >> right. don't put a broken crib up gwen the wall. that creates entrapment as well. if you have any concerns about the crib and any damage, call the manufacturer right away. and most of all, don't put this in the crib. no stuffed animals. no pillows, they may look cute, but put them on the shelf. it should be the baby. >> other thing is, don't buy those cribs from garage sales and try to assemble them. we have more of this information and other information on our website, including a link to the gpma website on ours, click on living smart. okay, here's one you did not see coming. people for the ethical treatment of animals, better
5:48 pm
known as peta. they are using a robotic stand in. peta says it is unfair to keep the animal in captivity. peta is looking for publicity and he saw his shadow and ran away. >> oh. 9news now at 6:00 is less than 15 minutes away. here's a look at what we have for you tonight. a frederick student killed in afghanistan. how a mourning community is keeping his memory alive. plus, a woman lies about having a terminal illness to steal from her friend. and, beware of online rewards. one wrong click and it could break your bank account. those stories all new coming up tonight at 6:00. we heard the words glancing blow earlier. we like those words, don't we? >> we aren't going to get a lot of snow. >> probably not. that said, it is still three days away, so remember, we take
5:49 pm
a test in school and get 95% right, but if this thing changes 5%, you're not going to be happy. okay. let me take you up to grand rapids. this is kind of cool. look at this giant icicle. nobody was in the car in grand rapids. >> yeah. >> oh yeah, it is actually stuck in the baby seat, in the car seat. >> oh goodness. >> look at the size of it. >> there it is. that's the icicle. >> nothing happened except damage to the car. >> that's pretty crazy. >> all right, now let's talk about crazy. we have crazy stuff coming. we have an arctic front coming. that's a big headline in and of itself. shower, or maybe a snow shower tomorrow possible. 49, very windy in the afternoon. we are going to notice winds up to 30, 35 miles an hour. we are going to keep friday dry. clouds on the increase for 30. and there's your chance for snow on saturday. temperatures only in the upper 20s. right now, the bulls eye is
5:50 pm
around danville, virginia. drive between raleigh and richmond. now tonight, mostly cloudy and cold. temperatures upper 20s in the suburbs. low to mid 30s downtown. lows tonight, again, a little bit warmer than last night. 30 in bethesda. 30 in silver spring. 38 in upper marlboro. right now, low 40s. not bad. 41 in gaithersburg, 42 in woodbridge. tomorrow morning, a flurry possible. by afternoon, shower or flurry still possible. highs near 50. look at the winds, west, northwest at 50 to 30 and gusty. pretty good snows breaking out in the midwest and this is with the arctic front. most of it will get raked out by the mountains. next seven days. rain or snow shower tomorrow. windy, very cold on friday. here comes the arctic air. snow is still a possibility on
5:51 pm
saturday. upper 20s. even with full sunshine on sunday, temperatures don't move much. upper 20s. go back into the 30s next week. a little bit of snow possible on tuesday. and back near 40 next wednesday. so kind of active the next seven to 14 days. stay tuned. >> 14 and 12. those are downtown lows. >> we have to act. single digits in the suburbs. >> yes. exactly. >> got an active weather pattern, but some enactive basketball players around here. >> here's the part i think of what happened today. gilbert arenas asked david stern to suspend him for the rest of the year. he's going to be sentenced on march 26, right? none of us thought he was coming back. well the nba season ends three weeks after march 26. what was he, thanks a lot, gilbert. it was going to happen anyway. whether gilbert plays another game for the wizards is up in the air. his short-term future in the nba is nonexistent. a day after his teammate met
5:52 pm
with david stern in new york. today, arenas did the same and the outcome was that both men were suspended for the remairnd of the year in a statement today. stern emphasizing that there will be no tolerance for guns anywhere in the nba workplace. moments ago, the commissioner speaking about his decision and about gun use by players via tell conference. >> we have preached to them in writing and actually in person on this very subject and nevertheless they brandished firearms and that is just -- can't be tolerated. >> the management responding to the news tonight, issuing this statement, which reads in part, quote, both players violated dc laws and nba rules by bringing guns into the locker room. their poor judgment violated the trust of our fans and stands in contrast to everything abe poland stood for throughout his life. we look forward to putting this
5:53 pm
incident behind us and focusing our full attention on playing exciting basketball once again. hasn't been exciting all year. this is a live picture of the press room at verison center. ernie is expected to take the podium there in the next ten minutes or so, when he speaks, it will mark his first public comment since that locker room last month and should give us insight into what, if any future gilbert arenas has with the wizards. along those lines, the washington post is reporting tonight that arenas told his friends and his attorneys that he has no desire ever to play again under wizards president, ernie. the post also siding league sources tonight who say during his meeting with the commissioner today, arenas asked david stern about the possibility of the wizards attempting to void the remainder of his contract. stern reportedly telling arenas in the meeting that no one from the wizards has yet inquired with the league office about taking such action. that of course does not mean that that won't happen in the near future and if they are
5:54 pm
wise, they will seek any and all means of getting out of that deal. it's a news as long as he is costing them money. >> if they don't want him to play, somebody has to work out something. >> he is so untradeable, because nobody wants to absorb that contract and absorb the headache of having him on their squad. >> all right. we'll see what happens. up next, helping a family member or friend who is spiraling around with addiction. he is living proof of what can work. and we are always on at stay with us, tonight's living well segment is next. if you've had a heart attack
5:55 pm
caused by a completely blocked artery, another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike.
5:56 pm
a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix taken with other heart medicines, goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots. ask your doctor about plavix. protection that helps save lives. people with stomach ulcers or other conditions that cause bleeding should not use plavix. taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin may increase bleeding risk, so tell your doctor when planning surgery. certain genetic factors and some medicines, such as prilosec, may affect how plavix works. tell your doctor all the medicines you take, including aspirin, especially if you've had a stroke. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur.
5:57 pm
alcohol and drug addiction has gotten a lot of attention recently, including on reality tv shows that showcase ambush interventions. but tonight, anita brikman sits down with a former addict and now author that says there's another way to save the one you love. >> this is addiction interventionist, brad lamb. seven years clean and sober. >> they said, you know, we don't know what the answer is. we do not know how to help you. >> brad spent almost two decades addicted to drugs and alcohol. >> you said something. you are an addict to the bone. >> yeah. i am above and beyond everything else. i'm a husband, a therapist now, but i'm an addict through and
5:58 pm
through. i drank because i was in pain. i started using crystal meth. >> party talk, and a former tv weather man right here in washington, brad credits the first step on his road to recovery to people who stuck by him and showered him with love and support even when he relapsed. today, he councilled others. >> i think people start using drugs and alcohol for all different reasons. >> and in his new book, how to change someone you love, lamb describes the process that doesn't include scare tactics, ambushes, or isolation. >> we have to trap and treat the addict. >> this process begins with family and friends inviting the person battling addiction in with love and not waiting until they hit rock bottom. >> don't go it alone. there is strength in numbers. number two is to make the invitation to change. >> brad says look at it as an on going process and take care of yourself as you try to help your loved one.
5:59 pm
and through video chat sessions, he reaches out to the recovering addict that may need a peaceful voice of support. >> we can help people much earlier if we invite them in a loving way and also a very strong way. it's not a soft way to intervene. >> i'm anita brikman. >> you can see more of anita's interview on our website, click on living well. thanks for joining us. derek mcginty sits in for me tonight at 6:00. >> from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> well thanks for joining us, i'm derek mcginty, lesli has the rest of the night off. we are await ago news conference by the wizards. first up, the state of the union. tonight, president obama is preparing to step before a joint session of congress and deliver his first state of the union address. the white house s

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